Looking for a Blueprint Tutor

Hi guys,

I’m creating a small hack and slash game project. I’m using assets i’ve created or ones which are free on the store as a starting point and I a character and AI system already working. Although I’m at the point now where I have exhausted my knowledge of blueprint scripting with getting a multiple enemy targeting system to work. As I’m using blueprints for all other parts of my game, I would love to continue this trend so I’m looking for somebody to tutor me for a few hours to help me get over the issue my project is having. I’ve self taught (youtube, unreal help pages, etc.) so far, but it would be great to get a few hours with somebody to help me get past this hurdle.

I work a lot over the week, the weekend would be a great time to organise some tutoring.

I hope to hear from you!


Hi Lou345, can you explain how you intend for multiple enemy targeting system to work? Is the game Top Down, First Person, Isometric, Side-Scrolling etc? I would anticipate the first step would be using one or more methods of collision detection to determine the proximity of multiple enemies in range of attack.

Hi TechLord,

Its a third person game. I’m using ray casting to a get all actors in the scene at the moment, so which ever one in closest my camera will lock to. The struggle is when I try and add in multiple actors the blueprint functions I’m calling don’t seem to work. My plan was to add all enemies to a blueface interface, I used this as a template -


It would be great if someone would be willing to tutor me through this issue, and potentially more if they come up in the future. Here is a video of some of the functionality I have so far + health system. -


Hi Lou345,

‘Tutoring’ may not be required, just need to troubleshoot the blueprint. If you can successfully target an actor, we just need to figure out how your generating the list actors to select the closet one. Perhaps you can post a screenshoot or video of the problem.

I’m reviewing the Darksouls Targeting Tutorials [youtube] to get familiar with how the system is supposed to work. From what I gather, you can only target one enemy at a time. I would use a ‘collision shape (ie: sphere) and overlapping functions’ on the player to generate a array list of all applicable targets within in range. Once you have this list, a distance A**B= √(x2−x1)2+(y2−y1)2+(z2−z1)2] or Heuristic A**B= abs(x2−x1)+ abs(y2−y1) + abs(z2−z1)] function can determine the closest target from that list