Looking for a Blueprint programmer teammate for gameplay integration who likes teaching

Project Title:
Project Bofill

I am currently a solo dev working on a simple stylized grid-based top-down game exploration game. Personally, I am a designer - my UE4 experience is primarily in technical art and optimizations, not Blueprinting so everything takes me 10x as long to do when I am trying to code myself. I am looking for someone who can handle the gameplay features below but would also be able to show me the logic behind it. I am a fast learner but I feel like I am missing a lot of best practice foundations.

A successful candidate would be someone who wants to become an integral part of the project. I’m looking more for a teammate than a contractor.

Features to be Included:

  • Switching between two characters (when playing solo, in couch co-op each player can control a character)
  • Each character has special interactions with certain items in-game
  • Working on creating a modular tiles to help automate the art process and game logic
  • Hooking up animations

Talent Required:
Blueprint Scripting

  • Being comfortable in BPs enough to implement the tasks above
  • Has experience making games
  • Interested in mentoring/teaching along the way
  • Wants to be involved throughout the project’s dev cycle

Please DM me on discord at axios#9515 for more information!

Are you still looking for a developer?

Position has been filled! Thank you everyone for the interest. Please feel free to DM and submit work samples in case I need more hands.