Looking for a blue-print / C++ programmer to help port an already released game from UDK -> UE4

After releasing Homesick a year ago Lucky Pause is looking for help finnishing our UE4 version. Homesick was originally make in UDK using unrealscript and kismet and we are now bringing it to more platforms as well as VR by porting to UE4. We have already started but we need help! We are looking for someone to take over most of the programming continuing with a blueprint only approach unless we feel C++ is especially needed in certain cases. We use a perforce cloud server setup for working and can get you the UDK version source as reference as well. Note this is for a paid (no royalties) contract work-remotely position.

Homesick has gotten fantastic reviews and now we need help so we can bring this experience to more platforms and more people by finishing our UE4 port.

*“Honestly, the best game I’ve ever played. 10/10 Highly recommended to literally everyone ever.”

"Gorgeous in it’s gloom. Fascinating story. Outstanding artistic style. Very interesting and enjoyable puzzles. Beautiful, soothing music. I loved it. Sorry there aren’t more games like ‘Homesick’. I can’t say enough so I’ll just say… Bravo Lucky Pause. Bravo.”

Create blueprints to recreate and or improve on the original functionality of the UDK version of Homesick.
Takes into account both traditional platforms as well as VR functionality.
Work remotely but communicate regularly with progress and programming structure.
Create commented and readable blueprints that can be understood by others.

Minimum qualifications:
Strong Blueprint skills
Strong programming organization / structuring ability
Must have a windows machine to be able to refer to the UDK Homesick version

Preferred Qualifications:
Unreal 4 C++ experience
Ability to read and understand Unrealscript
Experience with UDK & Kismet
Perforce experience
Experience with VR / access to Oculus
Experience with blueprint save games

If interested please contact us with your resume, availability & rate. Thank you!

Bump, Still Looking!