Looking for a beginner team for game development!

Hello everybody

I’m looking for a full time beginner game dev team anyone will be helpful cause we are in need of an artist to create 2d models such as sprite sheets character designs and designs in general like decorations ( chair , bed , table , and ect… ) , weapons and something like that , a sound engineer ( some one who knows how to create music , sfx and ect…) he’s so important cause sounds adds life to the game you can say music and sounds are the soul of a game, Ui/Ux designer ( such as menu widgets , buttons … ) , a second programmer so we can help each other and finish the game sooner , writer having a story to a game is so important since it gives it a purpose to be played , and ect…

Sadly it’s unpaid but if we created a game that will make money then you’ll be paid

I’m a programmer using UE ( Unreal Engine ) 4.27 i know how to work with blueprints only ( which are the visual script language in the engine ) i’m willing to learn c++ in the near future . My friend who’s a beginner 3d modeler he has work so he’s not a full time modeler and the third member knows network well ( security , protection and ect… ) but also he don’t have all time however i’m a full time game dev .
So if anyone is interested comment down below :grin:. ( it’s an honor to me for everyone join my team i really appreciate that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) .

Hi there, how are you getting on with your project? Sounds quite fun.

I’m a sound designer looking to take on more projects mainly for my showreel, I’ve done a few projects now, mostly VR, and am comfortable integrating the sound into Blueprints.

Here’s my LFW post if you’d like to know more about where I’m at -

Take care,

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I’m about to graduate as a games designer from Bradford University .I’m very familiar with Unreal Engine 4-5, and I’ve used Blueprints extensively. I have also composed a lot of game music over the last few months. My showreel and music portfolio can be seen here - Tobias Pritchard - Games and Game Music
Thanks for reading!

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Hey @magrotten , what’s up , we are doing great progress and yeah it’s so fun to have a team helping each other , however i’m so sorry you have an amazing experience but we have 4 composers and they are more than enough i can’t accept any more composers , my apologies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. ( sorry for the late response )

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hey @Moosifear , how are you doing , let’s talk further more on discord this is my id : Clamesis ( Programmer )#1811 , or you can send a private message so we can discuss about everything .

Hi, I’m Gabriel, i’m about to take my Computer Science degree in the end of this year, i have a certain experience with blockouts and level design and also as a writer, i guess i could to help you as a writer(i’m even writing a story right now lol) and who knows helping as level designer too, thanks for the opportunity.

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hey @GabrielThings , what’s up , wow you have such talents however sadly the team is full i can’t accept any more members my apologies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: .

alright, i got it, i’m glad you got the team full of people, success my friend

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thx i really appreciate that , hope you’ll find a great team to work with as you have tons of talents in your pocket .

thank you! I appreciate it!

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