Looking for a beginner animator

Hey guys. Wasn’t sure where to post, because it is not an actual job offer.

So as the title says I am looking for an animator to work with. Since I’m kinda new here myself I would like to look for a beginner also, because this project I am working on will be more as a learning experience. If we decide that the project is worth releasing then of course we will do so( I will be willing to invest some money to it also).

The only requirement would be that you would have some overall experience with maya, 3d max or any other software that is compatible with ue. If you don’t know any blueprints that’s ok, I will be working on them, but if you want to learn that part also of game development I could talk you through some of the things.

A little bit about me: 23 year old student. Finishing bachelor’s degree in website development. Currently living in Denmark.
I didn’t want to go into much details right now about the project or myself, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask me here or add me on skype: martistomas


Do we get paid monthly? or is this a pipe dream deal? create a game and get paid in 5 years?

Did you just want some one to do your animations solely or do you need some one that can rig and skin to?

As you probably know the success rate of releasing a full game is very low, so please don’t think this as a full time work or anything. My main goal is to gain better skills first at building a game using blueprints and later on moving to c++. I specifically mentioned that I need a beginner because all this stuff takes some time and patience to learn. For few months I have been experimenting/working alone on an idea, but I kinda reached a point were I would need the most simple animations just for a placeholder, remember this is for learning purposes. When the main “idea” of the game is built we could start improving on the placeholders and find more people to join us if the game has some promises. Besides when you have another “beginner” you don’t have that pressure that the other guy is doing all the stuff and you sit there being useless.

First step would be doing some basic animations for the default skeleton. I don’t want to get your hopes up that this will succeed, but working together is definitely beneficial. I just think that being good at one thing is better than being “decent” at a lot of things. So I would like to concentrate all my time into blueprints, but if you have some interest into bp’s also that’s okey. Would be a lot easier to find new methods/solutions together than working alone.

How many hours per week are you looking to contribute? I have a degree in CG Arts and Animation but haven’t done any in a long while but could be willing to pick up a few hours per week. PM me if interested or to discuss further.

After I pass my exam I can dedicate all my time to the game. pm’ed you

Bump. Still looking. If you are interested send me a pm.

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