Looking for a basic Sobel Edge Post Process Material?

Heres one. Made one during a google hangout as an example for ballisticge0rge.

Probably could use some work. Was made because tutorials reference a sobel edge material in a project that is currently not available.


I guess I should post images or something. Meh.


Heres an image that shows the effect and how to use it.

This is amazing! Thank you Lord Allar. I will go through this and learn how it works efficiently now.

Great job man! works wonders!

Hey Allar, Good job. Go into the Image posting though, Would be cool for newer users to know what you are talking about. Cheers.

Thank you, downloading now…

Yeah I have to agree, I am admittedly a new user of the Engine (I’ve delved into UE3 before, but just to pass some time). I now really want to get my hands gritty and learn I can! I went ahead and imported those files into my project however - and this saddens me to say - after messing with them for a couple of hours I wasn’t actually able to get them to work, so I ended up taking a break at around 3 AM.

@Allar - I hate to be the guy that would continue to ask for some help, as you’ve already went through the trouble of making the material - however it would be appreciated.

Aight, fine. I added an image :smiley:

This is so freakin’ cool. Some people on here are way too clever.

Thanks for the image!

I did of the steps above, however instead of getting the lines, I get an orange-ish border around the screen. I’m not sure what the cause of it is, however.

I had this too. Looks like a book? If you’ve tinkered with post processing before, maybe using the stylised tutorial, open up where your files are (In explorer), close UE4, Find the file you messed with / Created and delete it manually. Open your project up again and build. It should be gone.

Yeah, that’s what it looked like. I went ahead and did what you suggested however it still doesn’t work - I might have to restart completely. It’d be tedious, but if that’s what I have to do then that’s what I’ll do. I don’t have many building assets anyway so I might just go ahead and search for some while I restructure everything. I’ll edit this if I’m able to fix it - thanks for the suggestion.

Delete the book file and the sobel. Completely restart UE4 and re-add the sobel (Manually) once UE4 is open and it should work.

The weird fringe effect happens when a material doesn’t compile correctly. Make sure you extract the zip into your project’s content directory first and don’t move em anywhere else. You should only be moving assets around with the editor.

Oh, I’m so embarrassed now - it was so simple heh. Thanks a bunch, both of you! It’s a really nice Post Process, it’s awesome! :).

If someone could make a version of this that shows only the outlines i would be thrilled. Like the image here directly under “Toon Outline”:

Sadly I am not skilled enough to do this myself just from the contents of that tutorial.

Show only the outlines? I dunno if I’m not understanding you right, but isn’t that exactly what this Sobel Edge blueprint is designed to do?

The material adds outlines to objects in the scene. I want only the outlines. Another example:

The effect I’m looking for is the lower right of the four images at the top of the page. Black and white line art.

The technique needed might be something else than what this thread is about. In that case maybe someone can point me in the right direction…

Thats the same technique, except you don’t multiply the result with the scene texture sample. Skip the very last step in the material itself and you’ll get ONLY the outlines.

Thank you!

When I try to use this I get a missing material error as well as a Node if If input B must be of type float within the original material.