Looking for a basic animated character model with component clothing/gear

I need a character test platform to evaluate some blueprint and code work. It is for non-commercial use, as I will use it for testing purposes only. That said, I would be willing to pay something (not extravagant) for its non-commercial use, provided it has all of the features I need.

Specifically, I am looking for:

A humanoid skeletal mesh (something human, male or female), which has basic mobility animations (idle, walk, run, jump, etc); and, has a set of simple clothing/gear, which can be added as components in the UE4 framework, complete with materials for all of the meshes.

Style and quality are not super important, as it is mainly to test functionality of adding/removing character components, and altering dynamic materials from a UI.

If you’ve already gone to the trouble of making something like this for your game, please share it with me for non-commercial use! Rest assured you will never see it in any public file, picture or post from me. If required, I will sign an NDA for your comfort and security.

Thank you!

Depending on the price you are willing to pay, Mixamo/Fuse might be the thing you are looking for.
There is an option to not cull the geometry under the clothing, as well…

This guy should fit the bill.


Free and plenty of free animations around considering the the rig uses the same naming convention as MotionBuilder.

I believe it even has facial clusters so you could make it talk or express.

Additionally, just so that realistic expectations are enforced, this isn’t by any means a basic character - a character with modular gear is by definition an advanced character.