Looking for a 3D modeler and Blueprints programmer to join our team

Both will be paid equally $200 each for this demo

Project Title:
Teenage Warriors: Ice Hotel ®

I’ll just tell you guys the basics in order to protect the ip. You play as four teenage super heroes trying to stop the main villain from turning the planet into a winter wasteland. The plot may seem simple but its actually deeper than you think

Style: Anime inspired
Genre: Action/Adventure

Team Name:
Video Powered Studios

Enoch Stephens - Main Programmer and Level Designer
Daniel Chung Rigby - 3D modeler (objects)
Chance Wilkins - Music Composer
Aprilianiwu - Concept artist

Talent Required:
3D modeling anime characters similar to the character models in the game “Code Vein” (There are 5 characters to 3D model for this demo)
Gameplay Blueprints Programmer (character combat and Boss A.I)

If you’re interested email me at