Looking for a 3d Character Designer

I hope I am posting in the right forum.

I am looking to find and possibly work long term on a project with a character modeler/designer.

I am looking for a skilled Character Designer, who has the ability to create a new character. If the character is up to the expectations I would like to move into creating complete animations and possibly design and develop more characters/Items.

For now I am looking for one character, ultimately I would like to expand upon that character and develop more.



You can play Russian roulette and take your chances / see who contacts you.
But, I highly recommend YOU go and find the person YOU want to work with…
Go through Marketplace and Work-In-Progress - until you find a style you like.
If a creator doesn’t respond, then they’re probably too busy and so walk away.
But overall, lots of creators are open to side-work (if its in their comfort zone).:wink:

Its helpful to be familiar / think about topic / spec questions ‘they may ask you’.
That way they know you’re serious and aren’t going to waste their time either!

Thank you so much for the Guidance! I really appreciate it!

No worries.

Game designers may be open to selling characters too. It just depends on whether its an early prototype and the character is expected to evolve (see threads like this). The worst thing that can happen is they can say FO. Whereas if it works out, you get a working character in UE - today! :smiley: You may still have to tweak it later for your needs. But you can rid yourself of the gray UE mannequin which is toxic, as its overused in so many game prototypes / videos (something tutorial makers are blind to). :rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

HAHA Awesome! Yea I learned very quickly how to use adifferent character asap. It was so clunky feeling. I like the pathways you are offering me. I am very new to the game industry. I have designed and modeled some basic 3d stuff a while ago, but I have trouble with the character rigging animation aspect. My focus is the programming right now, and it would take me a year to make 1 meh looking character LOL so for the sake of efficiency i am exploring options.

Right now I am using a free model, and its so quirky to get it to work right. (mixamo) Seems weird using a guy dressed ready for MOTO GP in an FPS LOL (maybe that would be a thing one day, Road Rash 5? HAHA)

Mixamo? Ouch! Never got any of the free anims / characters to work properly ever! :mad:
One day a kind dev downloaded the entire collection and made it available on here.
It got pulled (copyright), but the anims / characters didn’t even match MP quality imo.
Overall, users doing MOCAP at home can make better anims than what’s on there!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am learning the hard way… hence my inquiries here HAHA