Looking for a 3D Artist for Polars

Hey guys 'n gals!

We’re working on Polars, a physics-based FPS puzzle game with magnetic mechanics, and we’re looking for an experienced 3D artist to lead the asset creation and visual presentation.
I know that royalty projects are always risky, and nobody wants their work go to waste, so I’m only attempting to recruit now, when we already have a gameplay prototype ready, so you can verify for yourself that we take this project seriously and we have the technical knowledge to actually get it done.
While we’re mainly targeting PC, we’ve already been authorized as Nintendo Switch developers for this project, and we have the prototype running on an actual device.
The art style is planned to be realistic, taking place in an underground environment, mixing natural and ancient-like structures (with some near-future-sci-fi props optionally).

Who are we looking for?

  • Please be experienced in the 3D art pipeline: modelling, texturing, level building and lighting
  • Be creative and team-work focused
  • Understand how different solutions would impact performance (or be able to measure it)
  • Be able to work with 3rd party assets if needed: Quixel, Marketplace, out-source, etc
  • It’s preferred if you have an up-to-date portfolio & CV

What can you expect in return?

  • As the title suggests, it would be a royalty position, meaning, you’d get a share of the profits
  • If you’re unable to fund your development software, I’m going to do my best in helping to finance them
  • Alternatively, I’m open to Exchange of Knowledge: if you’re an artist, working on your own side-project, I can take on some programming tasks in your project in exchange for you helping us out in this project

What about the current team?

  • Me (Kristóf): I’m programming, leading the design and work with materials
  • Mátyás: He’s our concept artist
  • Levente: He’ll support us in programming, 2D, and some 3D if needed
  • And hopefully you!

If you are interested in joining the project, or if I missed any important info here that you’d like to know more about, please get in touch with me either here, or via Discord: KristofMorva#4030

Have a nice day!

Your list of skills needed is similar to my portfolio . sent a friends request in discord: CursedLorkan#4199
my MP contents to get an idea: Content by AshvanDaeva - UE Marketplace