Looking for a 2D artist

Hello, I’m to make a fun game apps that works with android and such, I have almost completed the work coding wise (still a few stuffs to tweek but mostly done). I have to admit, I am a horrible artist, literally cannot draw a straight line. I have tried quite a few tutorials which gotten me to pretty much a blue bloc of paint that i call a mountain… Essentially, i’m missing someone who knows how to draw in 2D. There isn’t much stuff to draw(I believe a background some mountains and trees and maybe some clouds). I don’t have much to offer, as I am but a disciple in the art of game creation, but hopefully someone will be drawn to my need and maybe JUST MAYBEH!! help me out !

(Currently looking for an art that resemble that of Child of Light (theme wise) but any artwork will do tbh! )

A lonely boy in a whole new world.

As for the payment: I’m looking to buy art/work (as an asset essentially) message me for more info.

I’d be interested. What’s your email so we can discuss the details?

I am interested, but first I want to know details.