Looking for 3dsmax/UE4 freelancer artist for archviz project


I’m looking for a 3dsmax/UE4 artist for an archviz project:

  • proficient in 3dsmax and able to optimize for real-time (low poly/normal maps).

  • proficient in UE4 especially in shaders/texturing (substance painter/designer is a plus).

  • good knowledge of Zbrush is an advantage

  • able to communicate in English or French

  • can work remotely

Send me your CV, website and rate to

I will answer only to the Emails with the skills and informations asked above.


Hey Maxxi, better than finding a single artist that dabbles in all of these areas, we have a team of specialists that can work so efficiently together as a unit that you’ll get much higher quality at the same price. Plus being a Montreal studio you’re point of contact here will be a fluent french speaker! On top of all of that we’ve been doing Arch Viz work in UE4 ever since we joined the beta oh so many years ago, hell our art director is an architect by trade.

All in all sounds like we’re a pretty good match so let me reach out today and we can hammer out the details this or next week. Can’t wait!