Looking for 3D Modeller/Character Artist for Wild West-themed RTS

Howdy y’all!

I am in the process of learning game development using Unreal Engine, and decided on trying to recreate an old favorite of mine: AMERICA: No Peace Beyond the Line done by a now defunct company called Data Becker. With previous experience working as the historical advisor for War of Rights, I am looking forward to taking the reins myself!
As part of this process, I am hoping to find a character Artist and 3D Modeler to help with recreating/innovating upon the original. See below for some examples of the first game’s buildings and units needing recreation:


Unfortunately, this project is purely a fun one meant to learn the engine and due to my passion for the historical period, so no pay would be available short of my gratitude and constant thanks! I would be looking for the above buildings and more to be recreated in 3D, so some inventiveness is required to imagine the back parts. Each building would also require several construction stages and one or two destructive stages.
Character Artist would be required to work with me to take reference images to create full 3d models of the various units, along with several clothing variants of each for some added flavor!

Those looking to help should contact me via my profile here, or on Discord @ GeorgeCrecy#8267, preferably with a few examples of previous work.
Thank you for your consideration, and I will look forward to hearing from you!