Looking for 3D modelers for a Game Project

Hello guys,

We are an indie studio privately funded in Prague, Czech Republic. We are searching for modellers for simple small every day life objects.
As I mentioned, we are privately funded, and we don’t have the budget to afford AAA modellers.
You will receive a PDF, with parameters written next to every model and a dead line. You will not have to do UVs, or textures. The models have to be clean, scaled properly, origin set on 0, hidden polygons deleted.
The polygon count be bit higher - it is not for mobile.

We are also working for other clients when it comes to interactive media, so with good cooperation, we work on other projects as well.

More info upon PM.

Enigmactic Machines

Hello I have sent a PM

Hey @sopmod, this sounds like a cool project. Just wondering how many models you are looking to have done? Will there be any animations included as well?

I sent you a PM. Whats your skype?

Hi guys, sorry for the delay. I was on a vacation so I will answer tomorrow more thoughtfully.
Thanks for the messages.

Modeller and Texturer interested in this project :slight_smile:

Im also interested with this. Here’s some of my works.

For contact :