[looking for] 3d modeler for human bases

I am looking for someone who I would hire in the future for human bases.

I know human bases are easy to come by, but I’m looking for something particular in the models.

Once upon time, I used to use Daz Studio and their models, but I’m deciding to part with Daz’s stuff and get what I want to fit my needs.

However, when I played with the program, Genesis 2 looked the best to me. When I dug into the why, I found out whoever did the Gen 2 models modeled the bases to where the polygons flowed with the basic muscle build of a human body.

So, with that said, I am looking for someone who can model human based where the polygons flow with the human muscles instead of replying on maps for the effect.

Thank you for your time.

Hello [USER=“24946”]Vata Raven[/USER] Did you give the Genesis 8 a try? Are you using the Morphs?

I have Daz’s Gen 8 figures, but I do not like them as well as I did with Gen 2. Yes, Gen 8 is more realistic, but with Gen 2, I felt the muscles were more defined. Maybe having a mix of Gen 8 realism with the muscle definition is what I’m wanting.

Hey Vata, we actually might be able to put some of our past work to use with you here, customizing it as much as you need. Overall though we probably have a great way to get you what you need cheaper than expected, I’ll PM you but feel free to check out for our past work