Looking for 3D Modeler, Animator, and Concept Artist (Also a StoryWriter if you need a team) :)

First let me introduce myself, my name is Zayne and I am 17 years-old. Since I was little I always wanted to make a game, I have enjoyed them since I was 3 years-old and knew from around the age of 5 that I wanted to do game development.

Now I am a beginner in Unreal Engine and coding/developing at all, but I am learning and watching tons of things to help everyday.

I am looking for a small team that is going to help with a game that I have started on (not much but I have). I can do things like 2D art and learning how to develop, but when it comes to 3D modeling I am completely lost and need help. As well as animating, that I am lost as well. Concept artist would be nice due to the fact my art isn’t really on that level as some people.

The game I have in mind is a SinglePlayer Survival that has a lot of features to it to keep a player entertained, but also to not have it too complex. If you have ever heard of the Long Dark, then the main basis of the game is kind of what I am going for, but with a lot more added to it.

Basically you start out in the middle of the woods, there was a whole kind of fallout of a world… not nuclear or zombie apocalypse (can work out more if we get a Story Writer). You have nothing but a flashlight, water bottle, and the clothes on your back. You have to go through the woods finding loot inside cabins, abandoned campsites, to survive in the wilderness.

Now the part of this is, there are enemies in the game… there are bandits, animals, and more. In the game you can choose to be selfish and only care about surviving alone, or you can be good. How that goes is there will also be towns or villages that people have reestablished their lives after the fallout. You can trade with these people and even live in the town for a bit at a time. But during the wilderness there will be randomly spawning “missions” that can either have bandits or good people at them. If you choose to kill the bandits then you can get good karma that will help with the villagers and if you choose to kill the villagers instead you can gain negative karma in which can cast you out of the villages and or if you go low enough you can get killed by them. With that in mind you can try to regain karma by killing bandits but it will be very very slow, and in fact you can choose the type of lone wolf and kill both factions. That way there will be many different experiences for each playthrough.

Like I said before, I am very new and so is the aspect of this game, and hope you can bare with me on that and maybe teach me along the way.

Thanks for reading and hope you guys give me a chance and make this idea that I have into a great game and progress it along further than I have right now.

Hey Zayne,

I can do character modeling and animation as well as write. What stage are you at in the development process?

I started planning this game a while ago, but finally got off my butt and started the game last weekend. Now right now I have 10-15 days of school left and then I will be on pretty much everyday all day. I have created the crouch, sprint, and jump system. Health, EXP, and Stamina System. Still have to make the hunger and thirst system. As well almost done with the inventory system. Still working on some design choices and then I should be done with that. Also do you have discord or anything we can talk and talk about the project. If you can help then that would be amazing.


PM me a discord invite link and your availability.

Hey Zayne,

I am a startup writer looking to build my portfolio. If you need a writer feel free to drop me a PM. Would be interested in writing up some bits for you.