Looking for 3D Environmental/Character Artists, UI Designers to work on a Top Down Tower Defense!

Project Title:
Siren’s Hold

Set in an Atlantian-esque dystopic society, players will fight their way through waves of enemies, discover bosses and random loot on this co-op centric adventure.


  • Player Progression Systems and Character Customization.
  • 100s of unique and randomly generated weapons to find.
  • Four player online coop.
  • Controller and touch ready!

Team Name:
Pulse Interactive

Team Structure**:**
Project Lead - Chris Ledbetter. Game designer with 10 years experience.
C++ Programmer - Michael Mendelson. Game and Engine programmer with 15 years of experience.

Previous Work:
Members of the group have been a part of, and worked on, many projects including: Age of Chivalry, Project Valkyrie (Metroid Source), GE:S, FreedroidRPG.

Talent Required:
We need 3D Artists and User Interface Designers.

  • Character Rigging, Animation, and Modeling skills
  • Environmental Art, Landscape.
  • User Interface.
  • A passion for games!
  • Friendly attitude!

Pulse Interactive (In Development)

Skype: live:cledbetter221