Looking for 3D environment artist and GUI artist for small hack and slash game


My name is Stefan Geerinckx and I go by the name Rebel Camp Games. I’m mostly a game designer and programmer. I’m a typical jack of all trades, meaning I can also do 3D modelling, sound FX, music composition, level design etc… But I’d like to make a quick small game that can be finished in a few months for some quick cash to get our team started for more projects. If I am to finish the game in a few months, I can’t do everything myself, that’s why I decided to find me an Artist or 2 Artists to help bring the game to life.

I have been working on a game called Emberheart for the past 1.5 year. This gave me a lot of experience in programming and getting other things done. Check the latest video of the game below. This should give you a good idea of what kind of developer I am and what my qualities are. And of course it shows my experience in creating hack and slash games!

The game we’ll be making will be a small singleplayer hack and slash game similar to Runic Rampage or Elements: Epic Heroes. Meaning there will be small arena levels filled with enemies where you have to kill all the enemies and the final champion so you can loot a treasure chest. There will be attributes like Power/Defense/Endurance and Willpower that you can upgrade by acquiring skill points by leveling up. There will be item sets to collect which when equipped increase your attributes. There will also be weapons to collect and upgrade with gold. Also the 6 available skills of our hero character will be able to get upgraded with gold. After all acts have been completed there is a final arena level which you can replay endlessly. This arena will spawn waves of enemies and the goal is to complete as many waves as possible in order to get as much loot as possible.

If I can focus entirely on the designing and programming aspects of the game I think it should be doable in a few months. I program really fast.

So I’m looking for an artist who can create low poly environments (the game will also be ported to mobile platforms) and who is able to create stunning user interfaces. Possibly the team can consist of a seperate Environment Artist and a GUI Artist.

  • As Environment Artist you are able to create low poly environments in a handpainted style, it may be a bit cartoony. It is preferred that you can also handle the artstyle of Emberheart, which is also handpainted but with more realistic proportions. For the future when Emberheart’s development will continue. Probably you will only have to deliver the assets ready for UE4, and I will do the level designing. But we can work something out how we best setup our workflow and tasks.

  • As GUI artist you are able to come up with a great visual design for game systems. I will provide mockups made with photoshop of what goes where, or provide you with screenshots of the current state of the system in game (being programmed and made with just standard button styles and Roboto font for text etc…)

The money we earn from the finished project will go to Rebel Camp Games (or our new Team “Company” Name) and will be used to pay out the team members while working on the next project. (while keeping some budget to possibly buy some assets from the marketplace or hire freelancers to do parts of the next project that we can’t do ourselves)

I intend to create 1-2 small games before moving on with development of Emberheart.

If you’re a skilled artist and interested in joining me, send me an email at ** **and make sure to provide me with a portfolio or work samples and a link to your LinkedIn profile or a resume. It’s also good to know on which games you have worked before and which games you like to play in your spare time…

  • Portfolio workers or people who just graduated and are looking for a first experience in the game industry can also be considered. As long as you can provide a good portfolio of things you have created in school or in your free time.

Best regards,

Stefan Geerinckx aka Rebel Camp Games (

I now actually started programming on the project! Here’s what I have after 1 day work:

I implemented WASD movement and Controller support. In the movie I am playing with a controller :slight_smile:

I think it’s going to be pretty hard to find a GUI Artist. So I started on a GUI myself. Here’s the first window I made (still a bit of work on it, some detailing):

Sent you an email.

A little update:

I found a local artist from Belgium who can help me in his spare time. He got a really strong hand painted portfolio. He’s studying Digital Arts and Entertainment in Belgium. He also knows more students who might be interested in helping out. The people studying DAE in Belgium seem to have really good skills in hand painted art!

For reference, here’s some portfolio’s of the people from DAE. So you know what competitors you’re up against…