Looking for 3D Environment Artist & 3D Animator

We are a small indie team currently working on a game project using Unreal Engine 4. We are looking to fill two positions, both short-term assignments:

3D Environment Artist:
You should be capable of modelling, unwrapping and texturing all the assets you produce. Knowing how to create tileable and modular assets is required. You should also be familiar with PBR workflow and able to test your work in-engine.

3D Character Animator:
You should have experience with character animation and a good understanding of IK and FK systems. Experience working with Maya is preferable, since our characters were rigged on Maya.

Send your application to Make sure to include your rates and previous experience in game projects.

More details will be provided upon request.

Hey there! Happy to report that we can fill both those positions for you as we’ve got some insane talent in both the Tech Enviro side and the animation side. And we work exclusively with small indie teams so the prices are going to be about the same as hiring a contractor. I’ll shoot you an email now but feel free to browse our portfolio via the links in my sig

Sent you an email.