Looking for 3D environment and buildings artist

Project Title:
undecided - working title - “Mercenaries”

2 or 3 teams of combanats, armed with modern weaponry (mercenaries, anarchist insurgents, eco-terrorists, wild geese) fight in a small areas with totally destroyable environment. Missions include infiltration, assault, defend, meeting engagement, convoy. large arsenal of weaponry, from pistols and throwing knives to light mortars and rocket launchers. Different armament for each combatants group.

  • Tactical action with emphasis on action.
  • Ability to compete solo in multiplayer environment (no inherent team bonuses, like class weapon restrictions).
  • First person / 3rd person view point.
  • A LOT of destruction that gives tactical advantage (i.e. remove sniper on 2nd floor by destroying 1st floor from a pair of AT rockets)
  • a multitude of weapons and customizable equipment

Company Name:
Trazzy Entertainment Ltd.

Team Structure:
Al Gourtou (me) - project manager, game designer
Alex Basov - client-side programmer
Victor “Vic” Tatischev - server-side programmer

Previous Work:
Wind of Luck:Arena - online arena on sailing ships (now rebiulding)
Revenge of Roger Rouge

Talent Required:
3D Environment Artist (1)
Ability to create good looking low-poly buildings and objects.
Excellent texturing ability.
Experience with UE4 toolset a huge bonus.
Expected to create parts of destroyable objects and buildings with respect to physical size and polygon count limits.

3D Weapons Artist (2)
Ability to create awesome looking pieces of modern weaponry using pictures of real prototypes.
Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
Expected to create and rig, if needed, various weaponry in high-poly and low-poly versions.

E-mail: a_gourtou@yahoo.com
Skype: alim_gourtouev