Looking for 3d character artists/animator

Project Title:

In a story driven game, player gathers a party up to 4 people trying to survive and escape from a tower-town on the edge of destruction. Having full moral freedom, the player is able to choose any side of the conflict, with visible consequences (or none if you want to go in full rampage). Turn based combat should provide different tactical challenges for player, and will be the attention center in multiplayer mode, where players assemble team from all characters of the game (including enemies from campaign), and try to win in arena-like matches.


  • Own insane setting with magic, undead, high tech, killer-robot army, dictatorship elvish government, cyborgs, demons, flying pirates and many more.
  • While the setting might seem like a parody material, the plot is going in a more serious direction, if not dark side.
  • Meaningful choices for the player during game.
  • Seamless world, no loading time while the player explore the environment.

Currently the game is still in early-ish stages. The main world building mechanics are done, the map is created via our own standalone editor](, which is linked with Unreal Engine. And we are on tracks to flesh out combat and character system, which is why the need for 3D characters is getting more urgent.

The game include some 2d art, in the form of splashes during loading screens 1]( 2]( 3]( 4]( and character portraits](


Talent Required:
3D character artist\animator

Expected tasks:
Creating 3d character models and\or rigging and animating mentioned character. Texturing knowledge is welcome.
Model is usually based on turn-around concept like this]( under quality control of project manager:


Expected model quality example](


Post release royalties and\or share from possible crowdfunding (Patreon), or other additional incomes during development process.

Team Name:
Team Dead Deer

Team Structure:
ArbuzBudesh - project manager, 2d\concept artist, writing, level design
Deck - C++ programmer
WDwarf - 3d prop artist

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Skype - Cenafy
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