Looking for 3D character artist and other positions for anime-style game~!-IN PROGRESS


Hello everyone, I’ve been working on a video game project for about 4 months, and it’s progress has been going very smoothly.

Firstly, thank you for taking a look at this forum post and I’m glad your interested :slight_smile:

The game’s working title is Super Earth Hakai √Defrag. It plays as a 3D RPG and a visual novel, similar to the way the Hyperdimension Neptunia games play. Each stage plays almost as it’s own open world, with some platformer elements involved to go through obstacles, as well as dungeons with puzzles involved. To travel many areas, Naka’s magical skill “grapple” (working name) is used to pull herself close to her target, using the crosshair when the player is aiming in.

Currently, this game is a one-man operation with no funding, and I’m currently paying for development out of my own pocket. If anyone want’s to get involved, just PM me and you can join the team! You could make a single model, drawing or function, or hundreds, any help would appreciated, and your work will be credited, with an appropriate reward or royalties when it’s ready to be released. I’m a guy in an apartment who washes clothes in the bathtub because I cant afford a new washing machine so I’ve got almost nothing to spare except for the $100 Steam greenlight fee later down the track, so I hope you all understand.

As you can imagine, this project has been a huge effort, and with my poor artistic skills (as seen with the character art), this project can’t be possible only by my own. As I plan this to be a big project, I hope you guys could help out and we could collab as a community. :slight_smile: I’m pretty open to showing some WIP and getting feedback and ideas from others.

I’m also looking for some 3D character model designers, 2D character artists, music composers and background artists if anyone has that sort of talent, it’s not essential but it would be great in order to make the game the best it could be.

I’d encourage you to contact me, and lets make the best 3D/2D anime indie game we can out there. I’ve got a few screenshots from the game so far.
You can contact me by PM, or by email:


I sent you an email, I hope to hear back from you! :slight_smile: