Looking for 3D Character Artist and Animator for fan remake of Resident Evil - Survivor

Hi Folks,

We are currently looking for a 3D Character Artist and an Animator to help us with the fan remake of Resident Evil - Survivor.

Project Title:
Project RE-Survivor

As the header says, we are working on a fan remake of Resident Evil - Survivor (the FPS resident evil version) and are currently looking for additional skills.
The plan is not only to do a 1:1 remake, we also want to “fix” some things that seem to be not working good or could be done better.
The project is in an early stage, we have started 2 weeks ago so there is enough time to help us with your input to steer the project in the right direction.

Team Structure:
Me (Blueprint Scripting, C++ Programmer)
EpicBeardMan (3D Environment Artist/Level Designer)
Vedo Ra (Graphics Design, Composer)

Talent Required:

  • 3D Character Artist
  • Animator

What needs to be done:
We need help with character design (zombies, dogs, lickers, NPCs and so on) and animating the same.

The project is totally on volunteer basis and we are working for free, just for the fun of it, to learn new stuff and to have something for reference/portfolio.
If you join the team you will become an equal member with the same rights as everyone else.

Send me a PM if you’re interested.


Hi All,

we are still looking for people.
Meanwhile, the team has grown by one member who will do the graphic design and compose the music.

Still looking for a 3D Character Designer and Animator.


I can help with animations , if you can provide my tools ( all I need is the character models and if their already rigged then that would make everything faster and yea UNPAID since im not an expert and I do want to get better at everything I do so if you accept my offer then send me a friend request ( here in the forums ) or send me an email :