Looking for 3D artists/level designers for an open world zombie shooter survival game.

My name is Michael and I am the leader of my team (“Midsoft TEAM”). It is not a company, it is a team.

The game will be an open world zombie shooter and survival game with features like Building System, Objectives System, Hunger System, Advanced AI etc.
The map should be an apocalyptic city, a big one, something like the DayZ’s map.
I can’t pay upfront because I cannot afford it.
I pay in royalties, this means that I start paying you after the game is sold and after we make some money. Also, Valve starts adding money into my bank account after 1 or 2 months after we put the game on Steam.
We have only one 3D artist, but he doesn’t work, so if you have some models for a city would be awesome! Or if you can do 3D models it would be great! We can discuss the per centage after you reply. I hope you can be part of our team! :slight_smile:
Also, our team will contribute to game features and ideas. This means that if someone will have an idea, I will make the whole possible to reproduce it in UE4. So, I won’t be a ‘boss’. Everyone has his contribution.
I can also sign a royalties contract, if this is what you want.
Keep in mind that this game will be released on Steam. Steam is the biggest game platform in world, so you would get more money if I pay you in royalties than paying you upfront.

I hope we can work together. :slight_smile:

Why not do something new rather than yet another open world zombie survival game?

It will have original features, it won’t be generic.

Like the dreadful narrator will talk to you and at the beginning, it will say something like: "Welcome to your nightmare. Here, the only thing you should do is survive. I will leave now, but rest assure we will meet again…[evil laugh]. And the main character’s father is dead, so you are the only one who can talk to him. He will give you advices and stuff. The evil narrator will say: “Oops. I am just a bad kid burning ants. Am I?” when a zombie will spawn behind you, so original ideas. :wink: