Looking for 3D artists and level designers [FPS].

Hello everyone

As i write in the topic i am looking for 3D artist and level designer for FPS game, we want to create fan-made FPS game in half-life universum. We want to tell the 7 hour war story on unreal engine 4. I know that hunt down the freeman was telling the story too but i dont want to offend this game but common this is a ■■■■.

I write we why because in our team is two guys me and 3D artist. For now we search for people as in topic but if you want to just create a game not only level design or 3D don’t be discouraged you can join to us as well.

What will 3D artist do:

  • creating 3D models (of course)
  • texturing 3D models (of course)
  • creating animations

What will level designer do:

  • level design (of course)
  • story writing (if it needed)
  • help 3D artist (such like creating 3D models with low polygons like for example pipes or cable for electricity)
  • programming in blueprints (if needed)

If you are interested in this is my contact