Looking for 3D artist.


I’m looking for a 3D artist for a sci-fi 3D FPS co-up game. The initial version of the game is intended to be kept small to ensure that it will actually be released instead of it being a grand idea but never capable of finishing it. Programming is mostly done, level-design and artwork still need a lot of work.

I’m the full-time C++ programmer and where applicable I temporarily hire extra programmers. However I have nobody for the artwork and not enough funding to hire artists for it (3D art is so expensive :(). I’m looking for someone who:

  • Makes small props like armor pickups and such.
  • Creates, rigs and animates simple models like guns, tripmines, etc.
  • Optionally can create artwork for the 2D GUI.
  • Create LOD’s for existing models.
  • Fix errors in existing models (fix inverted UV’s, separate animations, etc.).
  • No SVN knowledge required and no perfect English language skills required. Voice-chat is a plus but not required.

Unless you specifically want to, there is no need for you to do make anything complex & very time consuming like fully rigged & animated characters. Those I usually buy.

If interested: P.M. me here on the forums or Skype: napoleonite.2015
I greatly appreciate any help.