Looking for 3d artist for Horror Themed FPS

I’m looking for a skilled 3d artist for my Early Access Steam released game UNLOVED

It’s a dark horror themed fast paced FPS with online coop features.
The look and design is close to Silent Hill type of games.

3d art is the main bottle neck that slows down production for me. The game is already out, so there are no rock hard dead lines anymore. Still, the faster you can deliver high quality models and animations, the better. But I will not sit there and breathe down your neck all day :wink:

The main things required are:

  • Monsters (models, textures, rig + around 4-5 animations)
  • Weapons and first person view (models, textures, rig + 5-6 animations)
  • Player models and other outfits (models, textures, rig + 10+ animations but reusable for other characters)
  • Props for new levels and locations (static models + textures)

Here is the pre-release trailer, which looks almost identical to the current state: UNLOVED Teaser Trailer (Early Access) - YouTube

Please tell me if you’re interested in this project and what compensation you expect and we can discuss further details.
I’d prefer if you email me at

Thank you very much for your time and have a great day!