[looking for] 3d artist familiar with Ciudad de Mexico

Also known as Mexico City of the country of Mexico.

My request is simple, I’m wanting to hire someone who is familar or lives in Mexico City.

Why? because I have a settings that takes place mostly in Mexico City, and wish to get it right.

I plan to buy a pre-built 3d model that’s based off Open Street Map’s data and build upon that. That route would be a lot easier than building from scratch… unless you think otherwise.

Anyway, thank you for your time.

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Hello, hope you are doing well. My name is . I am a sales manager at “”. I am writing to you regarding your post on forums.Unrealengine.com. I believe you are looking for a 3D artist. I would like to collaborate with you.
But first let me tell you a bit about our studio. “” is a based company consisting of people who have combined love for art and video games. Our artists specialize in 3D, 2D art, Unity, web development as well as Music production.
In case of collaboration you will be able to contact an artist in real time as well as demand fixes if needed. You will also be provided with a free project manager to make sure everything goes smoothly.
You can see our portfolio on the following link -

For more information about us and our projects please visit our site -

About pay:
We work on an hourly rate and charge 20$-25$ per hour (depending on the difficulty). But if there are any issues with the budget we can always talk about it.

Let me know if you are interested and we can arrange a quick, 20 minutes meeting, to discuss the details of the project and get to know each other.

Looking forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:

based? So, the company is in the country of Georgia?

Do you have or know anyone who lives in Mexico City?

That is my requirement. I need someone from that area for accuracy and culture purposes.

Hello, Yes we are based in Georgia, Country. Sadly we have no connections in Mexico City.

Then sorry, you and your company do not meet my requirments for my project.