Looking for 3d Artist & Blueprinter

Project Title:
<The boys mite>

Player goes through flying islands trying to help
his new friend named R.E.D, which is an A.I. This will
in turn R.E.D will help player get back to earth on
an adventure of a life time.

Beautiful views
sword fighting
complex story

Team Structure:
<Project Manager><Blueprint Scripting><3D Artist>

Talent Required:
<Blueprint Scripting><3D Artist>

Must have a portfolio

E-mail: <>
Skype: <superpen350>

A description of the game will certainly help.

It is a RPG and it is about a boy trying to get back to earth with a robot named R.E.D after finding out he is on a chain of robot driven islands. This is a story driven with side story’s and beautiful art

You may want to consider checking out the Recruitment Template and similar threads, the update your original post.

Thanks will do