Looking for 3d Animators and UE4 Blueprint Programmers

Hello we are currently looking for 3d animators and UE4 Blueprint programmers or C++ programmers. (Both) As of right now we are at the beginning stages of our game but the reason for this is mainly because our current programmer is too busy to help out with the project. We plan to create a prototype demo so we can create a crowdfunding campaign to help fund all necessary needs for the rest of the game.

The game is a 2.5D style paper mario style game. The models are flat 3d models that I have created and been using to animate. Speaking of animation I was hoping to find folks to help with the 3d animations of the characters and other assets. (Backgrounds) 3d modelers are welcomed as well as we will be having 3d models for buildings, bridges, and other background assets.

This game is going to be a RPG style game with multiplayer. The game is heavily story based filled with drama, comical moments, adventure, and action. The world of this game takes place on islands with a slight pirate theme but in a world with monsters and humanoids. The overall tone of the game will be fun but it will have many sad moments. I wish I could explain more but I have to keep details vague.

The RPG elements of the game will have a fighting system similar to Divinity Original Sin 2 but obviously not as complex. What I mean is a character will have a certain amount of action points to either move, use items, spells, specials, or attack. At the end of a fight a player is rewarded loot and experience.

There will be a leveling system, equipment system, progression system.

I can explain how the multiplayer will function if you are interested please email me. =D

The over world will be very similar to Paper Mario in a sense with a pixel art style.

Please email me at [EMAIL=“”] if you are interested and have questions. I don’t come on the forums that much I spend much of my time on discord.

This is a royalty based project and those interested must sign a NDA and must be above the age of 18.