Looking for 30+ hyper real custom environments for realtime projection across 24 meters of screen

This project is for a huge client, in the order of IBM, Oralce… The client needs about 30 environments. These need to run realtime, played out over 10 players through 10 projectors, all synced up, for immersive experiences.

Looking for realism. Environments such as oil rig at sea, factory with moving machines, hotel lobby, warehouse etc.

Interested in examples of your work and of course I would like to know the daily price for your services.



I have 3 years of experience working with UE4 in architectural visualization. Also with Oculus rift and HTC Vive.
My work:

I can send my demo or technical video newer works.


Hey Marc,

Sent over a PM. What is the turnaround time on this? Is this something that needs to be done sharpish or over the course of a few months? Cheers!

Thank you for reacting. This is meant to be produced before end of May. Next week I’ll probably have more info. Will keep you guys posted.

Hey, hope you are well. Is this really supposed to be completed by the end of May? If so then I’d be happy to work on a portion of this (maybe 10 environments at most). Clearly, this job requires a team and that is what I have to offer. I run a creative agency and am good friends with the owner of a 3D realistic VR environment agency. I plan to run this project with him.

Seeing your deadline has made me believe this might not be possible - although I could outsource a lot of the work. I am super interested and would like to schedule a call with you to chat further!

Meetings can be scheduled here.

My best,

When I see someone with the nickname “dorkload” doing his first posting here, which is a 3-liner for a project in the 5-7 digit budget range, claiming he is working for a company like IBM or Oracle, and does even spell wrong and gives no credentials who he is or the company he works for…
then I am sorry, but can’t take this thread seriously.
You know, anyone can post here, claiming anything.

Even if the customer is strictly confidential, then at least basic information about the original poster’s company should be provided.

Hi Pinotti,

It’s dorklord. Sorry you feel this way. I’m short on time and just dropped this here to get in contact with professionals that can produce these environments and get an idea of the possibilities. I know it’s not a whole lot if info I am providing, but it did get me into contact with a couple of willing artists, so it had it’s purpose.

Let me ask you something… why would I post a load of crap here? What could I gain other than a waste of time? Where do you read 5 to 7 digit budget? And what did I spell incorrectly?

And finally, what is troubling you my friend? You seem a bit agitated and aggressive.



Btw, feel free to drop me a pm. I can give you more info on a personal level.

Honestly, 3 months probably isn’t enough time do do what you’re looking for, and either way it’s going to be super expensive

Thank you guys for getting in touch. Client is rethinking this job and delivery is postponed. Will definitely get back to this thread as soon as I have more details.