Looking for 2D-3D Artist (For a Space Game)

(Sorry in advance for my broken english)
Hello, my name is Julien and I am looking for a 2D-3D Artist that would like to join my project
How you will get paid : You will get a share of profits when the game will be commercialized

What I need for the moment :

  • Background images for Main Menu, Loading Screen
  • Game Logo
  • Custom Menu Pressable Buttons
  • (Maybe 3D Monster Models)
  • ETC

My game is a Space Themed Ship Shooter.
If you need more information about joining or my project just send me a message.

Thank you for taking time to read this post.

Hi Sunwukos - what are your skills in Unreal Engine 4 and Game Development? Can you code or do Blueprints? :slight_smile:

IF you want I can show you a video of what im working on, I took the base blueprints of the Geo game but managed to add a lot of stuff that is interesting. I’m mainly doing blueprints. But if I need to do C++ I’ll learn it fast.

Hi Sunwukos! :slight_smile: That’s cool! Sure I would like to see a video of your progress. I am also building a Space Shooter game with UE4. Message me on Skype and we can exchange ideas some time. My Skype is: dyotoorion5. Cheers! :slight_smile: