Looking for 2-D Artist

Hello! My name is and I have close to seven years of experience in UE4/UDK now with a little over a decade of experience in C++. I’m looking for a 2-D Artist capable of replicating my sketched/drawn style for a 2.5-D project. Think closely related to Don’t Starve, or a more obscure reference, the cartoon Flapjack. I’m currently enrolled in a double major and boy, this semester is shaping up to be rough so I don’t have time to take on the the art as well. It is simple enough taking a laptop to campus and busting out some logic compared to my pen display.

Some details about the project: Rogue-like elements, player freedom of choice and ‘lifestyle’. Mini-games for gold production very akin to the Fable series, a ‘real-estate’ player ownership/rent system, relationships and farming akin to Stardew Valley, and a repeatable quest/job system found in most RPGs. The idea of the game is repeatable depth hopefully without the brick wall some usually run into.

The assets aren’t particularly demanding. With a mood board or color palette decided on many can be done in 5-10 minutes, details are not as important. They will primarily be 64*64, solid ‘sketched’ outline with a base, highlight, and shadowed color with noise applied over the final result.

This can either be paid on a per *accepted *asset basis, rev-share, or a combination of both if this shapes into something people might actually spend money on. Pricing per asset can be agreed upon or percentage if rev-share is taken further down the line.

Required assets would be:

  • Modular character sheets for skeletal meshes to be produced by myself (later in production)
  • Eventually 100-200 assets on a sprite sheet (crops, items). They will be used for UI purposes as well.
  • Environment sprites (trees, bushes, rocks, etc)
  • Architecture as well

More details upon request, either DM or post below. Thank you for the interest!