Looking for 1/2 days training in UE4, from Rhino - 3ds Max - UE4 workflow for Arch-Vis

Hi all,

I’m working with UE4 though never quite have the time to learn the workflow. The main issue I’m having is that for a number of reason we create most assets in Rhino and then export to 3ds Max for rendering, the export often triangulates the meshes which makes the unwrapping for lightmaps and texturing a bit of a nightmare for someone who is a novice in this area.

I would like to ask if someone can take a simple asset from Rhino directly or after I’ve exported it to 3ds Max and then show me the process to bring it into UE4 with collision/lightmaps etc - following that to bring a larger scene into UE4, shortcuts and scripts etc to speed that workflow up.

If there’s someone around Bristol/Bath who might be able to help please let me know, I need to discuss this with my boss in terms of payment etc but wanted to see if anyone might be interested.


You can go directly from Rhino to Unreal via .fbx export. I did that workflow, you dont need to go to 3ds max.

I go to 3ds Max because i need to unwrap the mesh for texture and light uvs, can you do that in Rhino?