looking at target object while rotating around it

I am trying to implement custom Pawn Class where the camera focus should be always on a target object (or center of level) and Mouse X and Mouse Y will decide on which axis the camera needs to rotate on.

For testing purpose without using the mouse input I am first trying to constantly rotate pawn around a table (Using Rotate Vector Around Axis) in the Y axis and also implemented the logic to rotate the pawn to look at the target actor (using Find Look at Rotation) in the scene. My look at doesnt seems to be working, the actor doesnt change it orientation but just rotates around the chair always looking at his current facing direction.

Below is my Pawn BP (Condition branch is the entry point)

Please help me what I am doing wrong.

You can move camera from the center of ur pawn to some range and then just rotate the pawn. There is no need to move it, because camera will always look at pawn’s center. And as u can guessed, position of the pawn will be the object to look at.