Lookin' for Gameplay programmers (C++ and Blueprint)

[ROYALTY] Gameplay Programmers, the Heath Games team invites you to join us!

IndieDB Page:

Project Title:
Half-Rats (Project MOPAT)

A Paranormal/Steampunk FPS/RPG hybrid taking place in the united states during the late 19th century. It centers around the exploits of one “Half-Rats”, a cynical, bitter protagonist who’s led a rough and tumble life, and has a history rife with traumatic events - along with a drinking problem.

Team Structure**:**
Kurt Nelson - Project Director, Writer, Designer
Oliver Curtis - Level Designer
Cameron - Gameplay Programmer
James Perkins - AI Programmer
Nicholas Welch - Animator
Saurav Sihna - Character Artist
Sergey Karabaev - Weapon Artist
Draylon Polk - Environment Artist/Texture Artist
Joe Bolzenius - Environment Artist/Texture Artist
Ryan Kohr - Environment Artist/Texture Artist
Vector Baccam - Prop Artist
Devan Miller - HG Resident VA

Previous Work:
Half-Rats: A fever Dream 2015 (Mod)
Half-Rats: Parasomnia 2016 (Mod)

Talent Required:
Gameplay Programmers

  • Familiar with UE4’s animation tools and getting animations/aimspaces/blendspaces/etc. set up for multiple weapons, characters and features.
  • Familiar with Unreal’s GUI and getting that functioning with the backend.
  • Creating procedural item/weapon spawns with varied stats.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: heath_scoring

A little fun during prototyping…