Looked everywhere for this answer: Scale a 3d widget?

So i’m trying to make a tool in UE4 that replicates articy draft’s nodes as 3D screens with set data fields that can be altered and connected to leads a sort of flow chart.

for example: Event nodes have a title, location, timeline, actors involved, and most importantly, description that i want the user to be able to click on and fill in after spawning in one within the game.

Im making it for VR, so you will have the remotes to set where the ‘screen’ spawns in (because im just using a monitor model i found online) and on the screen will be my different set nodes (ie you cant alter which fields you have to edit, just alter the info inside the fields provided). With certain nodes, you’ll have the ability to link them together with a beam that indicates forwards or backwards in the storyline; or with decision nodes, there will be multiple 'path’s out of the node.

My problem right now is that i can get the widget blueprint to scale to fit the monitor model properly so the title bar is WAAAAAAY too big and i can even see the rest of the node. When i try to scale the actor i made to hold the widget upright, it just makes the whole thing bigger together (which makes sense, just saying i tried it).

I can’t find the answer on here or google: how do i make the widget itself scale to the actor it’s inside and then follow-up: how do i set up the blueprint so that when i (or better the user) scales the monitor so they can get more space to write in the fields, ie the description field gets larger as you scale it’s container, not larger font.

Thanks so much for looking at my question, if you have any idea i would greatly appreciate any assistance.

Your widget component draw size needs to be the same as the widget you want to display on it. You can scale the widget component size with the transform.
For example, I have a widget that is 600x400. The Widget component is also set to a 600x400 draw size, then I scaled the widget component to .3 for the right sizing in VR.