Lookat Camera Alternate methods,

I’m setting up some hp bar widgets above some actors, and have used the find look at node to keep the hp bars facing the camera, I want to take it a step further to add some depth to the effect, essentially to allow for some angular rotation while clamping the rotation of the widget at extremes to keep it readable. basically what my mocked up picture indicates. my current bp obviously has to be rethought, but im not sure how Any suggestions on how to best handle this? Thanks in advance for any pointers in the right direction!

Figure 1. Put a scene component in your character. Place it at the location that you want your widget to be place. Next, put the widget underneath that component and zero out it’s relative position.

Figure 2. This step sets the rotation of the scene component to be facing the camera at all times. This will be helpful in figuring out the desired rotation in step 3.

Figure 3. Find the different (delta) between the scene component face the player and the direction the player model is facing. The SinDegrees drives the offset of the Z axis. The multiply 30 is how many degrees it’ll max offset in either direction.

To smooth it out, I would add the Finterp below

Sorry for the dark gif


wow thank you so much for the tips!!! that’s pretty spot on what I was going for! Its always all about those nodes you know nothing about lol.