LookAt AimOffset interpolation not working ingame

Interpolation between animations in an AimOffset is working fine in the preview window but not at all when you are ingame. It will go instantly to the value you set.


The “AimOffset” node works with interpolation but not the “LookAt Aimoffset” node


This could be a million different things, lets see your blueprints.

I found out that the “AimOffset” node indeed works, so i changed my question a bit.
But my problem from the start was that the “LookAt AimOffset” node dosen’t work with interpolation.

the simplest code is to just have this in the animation graph and have a world location as input:


This works, the character looks at the world position. But when i change the position the head instantly snaps to the new position, with no interpolation. If i use the “AimOffset” node instead the interpolation works.

That’s because you are just setting the look at location, you need to interpolate the location and feed it into your variable as it interpolates. Here is a epic tutorial that goes over how to setup exactly this. I think Wes goes over it somewhere in the middle, but I would highly recommend checking out the whole video:

No they actually use another node called “LookAt” not “LookAt AimOffset”. I understand that the “LookAt” node instantly moves the head but the “LookAt AimOffset” node is a child class of the “AimOffset” node (looking in c++). They just haven’t taken the interpolation values from the parent class into consideration when moving in the aim offset graph as i think they should have.

I submitted a bug report. I’ll just have to use the “AimOffset” node that has working interpolation until it’s fixed i guess.
Thanks for the help.

The bug report ticket is here if someone want’s to know if it’s fixed yet:

Why was this never fixed for UE4.27 (The Look At node in AnimBP)?
That link says it was resolved - and Affects Versions 4.19.2, 4.21, 4.22, 4.20.3.
Im in 4.27, yet still broken and people were still asking how to fix it in 2022.

Since Epic didnt fix it for 4.27, can someone edit the code in C++ whatever, and release a plugin that works? I cant move to 5.1. Ty

(Ive seen old Rotate head code on YT vids. But it’s from ~4.1, I have no idea if that code is too old compared to Epic’s Look At. And people in comments had problems. I hate relying on old code from other people when Epic didnt fix theirs - because I cannot compare, see who did what parts better.)

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UE5.3 same bug. It was never fixed.