Look up/down animation

I’m trying to implement an aiming system for a side scroller template; however, the animation that comes with the Animation Starter Pack (Aim_Space_Hip) and that would allow me to do that, it was built to use with a rifle (due to the position of the mesh’s hands).

I’d like to have only the animation of the head, what would be the best way to get that? Is there any place were I could find an animation made so I don’t need to put a rifle on the character’s hand?

I was wondering if it’s possible to blend the 3rd person character’s animation (using the body animation) with the Aim_Space_Hip (using the head animation).

In this video, it is showing what I’m trying to accomplish but I’d like to have an animation without that arms position:

Thank you!

Check this thread out:

I uploaded a very quick demo using the standard side scroller template.