Look like I have to return parts :(

I have return my mother board and cpu, don’t friggin work :frowning:
But i can’t today, it’s a holiday :frowning:

HAPPY newyears everyone :slight_smile:


Well I’m about to install my new parts, so maybe mine will work. If not, then I’ll be in the same boat as you. Hope you get the replacements back soon!

That is well appreciated, thanks

I got mine and they all worked.

Now i am happy owner of i7 skylake and some more stuff.

It is so quiet in my room now. Going from 8 years old hardware (that was almost in monster PC area back then) to good new PC hardware did not add much performance, but it is so silent that i can hear my hdd spinning (unless i fire up old rig for some lightmass calculation, then its like inside vacuum cleaner).
Well TBH if that old rig was not that heavy i could clean dust with it.

also this:

7 Gamers, 1 CPU - Ultimate Virtualized Gaming Build Log

It’s amazing how technology has progressed, yet many enthusiasts rail against how “crappy” every new CPU or GPU is! Nonetheless in 2016 onwards Nvidia Pascal and Intel Kaby Lake with PCIe SSDs all at FinFet <20nm and soon-ish <10nm… for PC-land there’s not going to be much to complain about.

People are complaining about the price of first-gen consumer VR but by the third-gen VR in 2018 you can say goodbye to reality for less than $250 running on a less than $1000 laptop.

This is both exciting and extremely terrifying to me.