Look for Solution to Delivery ArchViz Project

Hello everyone

Im Andy 3D Artist

Currently im looking for solution to delivery 3D project to customer Online, but still cannot find best solution for this Issue
If anyone have the same problem or solution, i hope we can share to bring 3D interactive project closer to customers

My research:

  • I currently use PixelStreaming and host on AWS EC2 but the problem is
  1. I can have only 1 instance for that so the Streaming version just support 1 Admin (and Many Viewers) -> Any ways that we can build more Instances to host more Streaming
  2. By using AWS we have to manage turn On/Off our Instance to reduce cost when no Streaming -> is there any organised way to do this.
  • My second option is Furioos Streaming Service, but it cost to much for Multi Admin (Pro Package) so we hardly can have profit by rending this Service.

  • I try build Android version to delivery but it doesnt work B/C Android version will drop your quality alot

Anyone have any idea for this.

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Hi. We offer PixelStreaming service in North America at affordable cost. Let me know how we can help. You can check our site: