Look for Raft HP / Damage Type

Hi I am looking to make a custom raft. I was going to base it of the in game raft but tweak the health and the type of damage it takes. For the life of me I cant find where this can be changes. Can anyone point me in the correct direction?

Goto the components tab and open the dinocharacterstatus. Thats where the settings are located

Thanks for the information.

Damage type is set in DinoSettings_VehicleWood

Is there a place I can change what class it is using for the Damage Type?

yes, in the dinosettings

I think that I am just not understanding what you are talking about. I found DinoSettings_VehicleWood class but is there a way for me to change this class to say DinoSettings_VehicleMetal or DinoSettings_VehicleMyMod.

Edit: I have figured it out Thanks for all the help. Was just missing the setting when scrolling.