[Look for Artist] Spine 2D Animator (Freelance/Contract)

I’m Serin Oh, project manager of “design level” a 2D/3D Graphic outsourcing studio.

Based on South Korea with over 10 years experienced 2D/3D artists,
we are looking for a 2D animator who available of Spine.
We are looking for freelance by contract, so no need to move in.

If you think you are an accurate person,
please email me by dslevel_en at
with your portfolio and man/hour price.

For your information, design level handles most work in the 2D/3D art field for Games, Animations, New technologies in the Entertainment industry include Modelling, Texturing, Shading, UV mapping and below. We experienced international projects in the various platform and our satisfied clients are over 80 companies Korea/Japan/China.

Online Portfolio below:

We will look forward to your reply.
Thank you.

Sent you a PM.