Look At Objects, Timed Enemy Spawning and Light Shafts - Hammer-On Unreal Engine VR January 16 2016


Howdy all;
I got the plague so please excuse my voice. Thank you everyone so so much for following along. It realy does keep a body going :slight_smile:

My Question All of You :slight_smile:
If anyone knows an alternative to refraction in VR while using Foward Renderer and MSAA

Awesome Helpfull People:

Fantasifall - Helped to find refraction issue

Dave Wilson - Light Shaft Cone

Arjan Robert - Vive Controllers

Things Done:
Made screen go red only at last 10 percent of health
Made big bunny impact stronger and bigger
Slowed down bunny run speed by createing an invisible physics material floor
Slowed down bunny spawning so they pop pop pop into existance instead of all at once
Adjusted initial wave length to avoid trigger fatigue
Used directional light shafts for bunny drop warnings, Bad Idea
Created several types of light cones for bunny drop warnings, Bad Idea
But did get cool light shafts for later effects
Setup warning arrow for bunny drop
Made arrow material animate
Made arrow point towards bunny drop
Tweak arrow until it felt pleasant
Tried useing a lerp to smooth bunnies rotation, Bad Idea
Made arrow fade in and out at appropriate time
Added text bunny drop warning as well
Got Vive controller model loaded in so I could line the gun up with the controller
Also got Vive Controller model so I can create other guns from it next
Fixed Bug - Big bunny random squeeze jump.
Fixed Bug - Restart World breaks game