Look at object, Need Help


I want to make a little horror game and i’m stuck on one thing, I have a paper letter on a table but I don’t know what to do to read it when I look at it and press E, If someone can explain in REALY simple terms and step per step, I wold be really thankful to him.

Thank you.

What do you mean look at? Do you mean a page pops up on the screen, your camera goes in that direction, etc?

I mean, when I look at the paper and then press E a texture pop up on the screen as if I have the paper in my hand.

You could probably do this with UMG, a blueprint class of the paper, and a struct. Make a struct with the Title of the page, body, image, whatever you want on the photo. When you pick up the paper add the UMG to your view and populate it with the info from the struct in the paper BP.

I’m not that good with UMG, but hopefully this gets some ideas flowing.