Look At Interpolation

Hey! I’ve been trying to figure out how to fix this bug. Let’s say I’m not an expert in animation programming.

I have a bone on my character that should always be aiming toward where the mouse is. I calculate the position every animation update and force the bone rotation using this:

However, my character can turn around. When he is in the process of turning, the hand does not stick to the target. Here is a video of the problem. The red sphere is the target (Hand Look At) as recorded by the animation blueprint. The red line is the forward vector of the bone.

I’m fairly sure it is tied to interpolation, but the interpolation time value of the look at is set to 0. Should I disable something else?
I guess I find it weird because I figured the interpolation would be done in the blend space and the modified hand position would be set after.
Thanks for your help!

I might have found something. Maybe the animation rate is not the same as the normal game tick rate (where the character is turned). Will investigate.

It seems that is what the problem is. How would you go about forcing the anim graph to run at the same tick rate as the main game/ every frame?

I found out the solution, the anim graph was ticking before everything else so I was moving the bone, then moving the character, misaligning the bone. By setting the specific mesh tied to the anim into another tick group after the actor’s one, it worked!