Look an object = show text / End looking = remove text

Hi everyone; I´m having troubles setting the blueprints for an editable object; I have created a widget with a text, and a blueprint interface (“looking at”) ; and in my FirstPersonCharacter, I have an Event tick, so everytime I look at an actor, it call for the blueprint interface of this actor. And in this actor, the blueprint interface call to the widget, so a text appears on the viewport in a grey square “PRESS X”.

Everything works fine, but when I stop looking at the actor, the widget does not desappears, stay there. I tryed to set a variable call “textOn”, by default not checked, set it checked when the event is playing, and create a branch with the condition of “TextOn” to remove from parent when the variable TextOn is false, but does not seem to work. ¿Any idea how to remove this?

Weeell, I have solved this, not completly sure how but I´ll post my configuration; I changed the actor blueprint, leaving just an event blueprint interface, called by the First Person Character LineTracebyChannel node, with the widget, and then I added an event tick that calls all widgets of Class, and set the text as Hidden. This way (and not sure why), when you look an actor, a message appears, and when you look elsewhere, the message disappear.