Long time user, unwrap problem

Hi!  I’ve used RC for years now, but I’ve encountered a problem I can’t resolve:

I have a model of only 166 tris and 60x8K textures.   Im trying to make a new unwrap using 2048 texture size, but it fails, giving an error message:

“Cant meet the unwrap requirements, please…” etc. 


Unwrap settings:

fixed texel, optimal, 2K -failed

adaptive texel 2K -failed

Maximum textures 2K x500 -completed, but texture quality at 3%, 4x2K textures (this is a strange result…)

Initially, I thought that there were too few polys to make a new unwrap at 2K resolution, so I tried the same unwrap on a 17M version, but with the same result.

I realize that this would create an enormous amount of textures, but I thought I could do that in RC.

I hope someone here might have some ideas :slight_smile:



Hi Steff,

please contact support@capturing reality.com. I would like to take a look at your data if you can share it.