Long Term Team Member Needed! - Experienced in everything UE4

Hi there! My goal is to develop a game that strives towards the best RP experience possible. For this I am in need of assistance.

I’m hopeful that this project will make it big upon announcement, it’s a game that is long awaited and extremely needed. My ideas will be disclosed upon an agreement being created at a later time. Although I do wish to have you whoever you may be as a long term team member dedicated towards the development aspect of the project. My Role will be mainly in Community Management and leading the project.


  • Must be fluent in English
  • Must be able to communicate via Discord.
  • Must be active from 4pm EST to approximately 12pm EST
  • Must be free from any other distractions
  • Must be dedicated to this long term project
  • Must be knowledgeable in all aspects of UE4
  • Must be mature and trustworthy


I’ve had years of experience in community management and would like to put this out there that the ideas are there and this is a serious project that I want to succeed. Only serious applicants will be selected to assist, if you’re curious send me a PM. If you’re interested send me a PM with a portfolio and some contact details. Have a great day!